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 Ideal Spray Technologies Limited

Ideal Spray Technologies Limited, is a professional manufacture of industrial spray nozzles and Mist Cooling System at Highest Quality and Lowest Price for Cooling, Humidification, Textile Applications, Mist Fogging, Dust Control, Cleaning, Spray Drying, Coating, Tank Washing and Food Processing and so on.

 We design and make Industrial Spray Nozzles includes: Mist Nozzle, Fog Nozzle, Flat Fan, Hollow Cone, Full Cone, Spiral Jets, Tank Washing Nozzle, High Pressure Nozzle, and Plastic Nozzles, Ceramic Nozzles and SiSic Nozzles and Boron Carbide Nozzles and related Connectors and Fittings.
Manufacturer, Rental and Installer of the whole High Pressure/Low Pressure Fog Mist Cooling System, Mist Cooling, Patio Misters, Outdoor and Indoor Cooling, High Pressure Fogging, Portable Cooling, Misting Fan and Misting Tent and Fog Machine, Mist Pump and Mist Parts.
Every Products strict tested before delivery and strict control the quality of production progress.
We are proud to introduce the best quality spray nozzles and mist cooling system in the market, and we are able to OEM & ODM make the spray nozzles and mist cooling system.
We appreciate your interest in our products and hope to be favored with your business! If you have any quires or questions, please contact us freely.

Iron Steel manufacture Incineration plants 


Contact us for Spray Nozzle Advice
Our sales and engineers are ready to assist you in selecting the ideal nozzle and system for your application. We are also ready to assist with customised nozzles for special applications. 

Technical Email:    Tel. No.:0086 755 86381258
Sales Email:     Tel. No.:0086 755 81099407
Call us on +86 755 82563536.